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Home Owners Association 

The Board of Directors shall preserve and enhance the value of Willbrook Plantation by:

  • Providing oversight of all financial matters
  • Maintaining the common property and assets of Willbrook Plantation
  • Providing security services for the community 
  • Preserving the unique character of Willbrook by seeking to maintain the architectural integrity of both new and modified residential properties  
  • Administering and overseeing the Rules and Regulations of the community           



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The Board and Waccamaw Management are preparing and gathering information for this section

Architectual Review Board 

The authority for the creation and enforcement of the Willbrook Plantation Architectural Review Board Guidelines is in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Willbrook Plantation Community Association, Inc. This document is recorded in the Georgetown County Courthouse, book 240; Page 78 was updated on April 16, 1987. Article VII is entitled Architectural Control and established the following objectives for the Architectural Review Board:

Architectural and design review shall be directed towards obtaining the following objectives for Willbrook Plantation:

a) Preventing excessive or unsightly grading, indiscriminate earth moving or clearing of property, removal of trees and vegetation which could cause disruption of natural water courses or scar natural land forms;

b) Insuring that the location and configuration of structures are visually harmonious with the terrain and vegetation of the Residential Lots and Dwelling Units and with surrounding Residential Lots, Dwelling Units and structures and does not unnecessarily block scenic views from existing structures or tend to dominate any general development or natural landscape;

c) Insuring that the architectural design and structures and their materials and colors are visually harmonious with Willbrook Plantations’ overall appearance, history and cultural heritage, with surrounding development, with natural land forms and native vegetation, and with development plans officially approved by the Joint Venture, or any governmental or public authority, if any, for the area in which the structures are proposed to be located;

d) Insuring the plans for landscaping provide visually pleasing settings for structures on the same lot and on adjoining or nearby lots, and blend harmoniously with the natural landscape;

e) Insuring that any development, structure, building or landscaping complies with the provisions of these covenants;

f) Promoting building design and construction techniques that respond to energy consumption and environmental quality consideration such as heat loss, air emissions and run-off water quality. 

Please refer to the Covenants and Restrictions for further explanation of the Architectural Review Board and the Architectural Review process.


The ARB shall report to the Board and inform the Board of pending ARB approvals.